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Esenciales en ARTIST 360 edición 2-6 de Junio 2021

2020 best in photos

Artist 360º offers a new Contemporary Art concept, restoring the artist figure taking it back into the limelight of the contemporary art scene. Our concern: "give back the gaze" to the artist.

We promote both artist and his art works as the key oh our exhibition experience and we promote a new culture of collecting, oriented both towards the consolidated collector, as well as for those who access this exciting world of art for the first time. We contribute so that the acquisition prices adjust to a reality that facilitates the purchase of art. In short, working so that society perceives art with a greater proximity, avoiding the distortions to which it has been subjected in recent times. 


Beginning of our next Spring Edition, we incorporate significant innovations that which boost the indentity and essence of our Art FairART IN A NEW DIMENSION  (learn more about the Fair)

2020 best in photos

2020 best in photos

2020 best in photos

In addition to the presential events, Artist 360º offer through the 3D Spaces a complementary exhibition format accessible from any digital device.

2020 best in photos

2020 best in photos

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2020 best in photos

2020 edition figures

2020 best in photos


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