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The Contemporary Art Fair artist360º (which will be shown in Madrid from February 24th to 28th, 2021), is aimed to artists, galleries and groups that work with painting, sculpture, drawing, original graphic work, photography, digital art and other plastic disciplines. If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor, you must fulfill the registration form. For submission terms, please download "participation rules" doc.  Limited places: LAST AVAILABLE SPACES

The Artistic Selection Committee assigned by the Artist 360 organization will be responsible for evaluating your proposal and deciding on its suitability to be part of the event. In the Exhibitor Information Doc, you will find all the details and conditions to exhibit at artist360º.

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Four editions of the Fair during the year

ARTIST 360º celebrates a specific edition in four key moments of the artistic calendar. We achieve greater continuity of the exhibition event throughout the year:

  • Contemporary Art Week, Madrid (February)

  • Art is reborn with Spring (June)   *

  • Madrid Gallery Weekend Opening (September)

  • Art illuminates Winter (December)


(*) Current call:   June 2-6, 2021

Spaces tailored to each exhibitor

We at the ARTIST 360º Fair take care of all artistic profiles - emerging, established, innovative, and sometimes also "revolutionary", ...-. Now, in addition to the conventional stands, we have created the new Discovery Space that offers from a basic (starting from 900 eur) to adapt and scale the size of your exhibition to suit your artistic perspectives. Being able to design the configuration that best suits your professional goals.

Spaces and prices - 2021


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COVID 19 guarantee - we refund your money (learn more)

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facilities including in all the space types


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3 months free

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