3D Room (360º Virtual Platform) - Exhibition 12 months

3D Room (360º Virtual Platform) - Exhibition 12 months


- Availability of the 3D Room:   12  months

- Exclusive 3D room with the capacity to exhibit up to a maximum of 20 works

- Customization and design of the room by our graphic design team

- Unlimited exposure changes during the contracted period

- Direct access to the Room with an exclusive link (URL) and through the ARTIST 360º website

- Traffic to the 3D Room from our website and our social networks guaranteed

- We position the room in search engines to facilitate its location and access

- Preferential option to participate in person at the ARTIST 360º Fair

- Activation and delivery of the room within 5-7 days

- 3D room sized for a maximum of 20 works

- Design and initial customization of the room 

- Unlimited exposure changes

- Includes access from the web and RRSS of ARTIST 360º 

- Exclusive link for direct access

- Promotion on social networks