. . . ARTIST 360º the Fair 

We want you to experience and enjoy our new 360º Concept during your visit to the Fair. That identifies the artist and its work as the axis of our exhibition initiative: enjoy its presence, talk, take a look to its project and "immerse yourself" in its work without intermediaries, nor the usual limits or conditioning factors that we could find in traditional spaces.

For this purpose, artist360º provides an environment where direct interaction with the artist in all its dimensions is emphasized, or what we definitely call: 360º Concept.

To complete this perfect circle, your experience will not end with the physical visit to the Fair, any time you wish you will be allowed to return to our Virtual 360º Platform and visit it again from any digital device, 

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. . . a different propossal 

Artist360º was created in response to the difficulties currently experienced by countless artists in the course of their professional careers. Experiences that we the organizing team, also as artists, have lived personally during our professional careers.

The overcome of entering into the art market in a scenario where very few art galleries have survived, the barrier that is found in order to participate in fairs in which only a few galleries have a place, the high costs of being part in alternative events, etc., are some of the several setbacks that nowadays are in the way of the complicated career of the artist.

In addition to conventional stands, ARTIST 360º offers the new DISCOVERY Space, an exciting opportunity to participate in a scalable space according to your artistic perspectives.


. . . at key moments of the artistic calendar

ARTIST 360º holds a specific fair in four key moments of the annual artistic calendar. Guaranteeing the continuity of the exhibition event throughout the year:


  • FEBRUARY - we celebrate the Madrid Contemporary Art Week

  • JUNE - art is reborn with Spring, this year more than ever (*)

  • SEPTEMBER - we open the season with the Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend

  • DECEMBER - we illuminate the arrival of Winter


(*) Edition open call : June 2-6 | 2021

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